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Timber to Table

Specializing in custom projects, Timber Woodcraft salvages urban trees and turns them into beautiful custom pieces and heirloom furniture.


We are Josh and Krista Weber

Our family has lived in Louisville for the last eight years. In that time, we have developed relationships with local arborists to salvage trees that have fallen within our city.  After salvaging the tree, we mill, kiln dry, and finish a wide range of heirlooms ranging from mantles to conference tables and everything in between.

We would love to meet you in person and have you tour our shop! Contact us today!

Our Process
A Tree Falls

We salvage trees in the Louisville area. 

We love when people contact us about a tree in their yard. We also collaborate with local arborists.

It's our joy to preserve trees in the form of timeless home decor and heirloom furniture.

Cut and Kiln Dry

We have two different styles of sawmills. We are able to mill slabs, beams, planks, or boards. Whatever the project needs, we have the equipment to accomplish it.

After we mill the tree, it is air dried until it is ready to go into our solar kiln.

We kiln dry all of our lumber and slabs before we sell or finish each piece, ensuring lasting quality.

Custom Heirloom

Finally, we work with our clients to hand-make each unique item according to their specifications and desires.


With over a decade of experience in woodworking, we are confident we can create your custom piece.

Timber Woodcraft is a family-owned company partnering with local arborists to salvage urban timber.

Our vision is to preserve historic trees by connecting their stories to yours through custom live edge designs.


Visit our shop, view our gallery, or contact us to begin your custom piece.

Salvaged Timber

Sustainably Sourced

Live Edge

Contact Us

Josh and Krista Weber


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