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Custom Milling

Have a tree you would like to have cut into slabs or lumber? We have two portable mills that can cut up to 54" wide and up to 28' long. Dimensional lumber, re-sawing, or live edge slabs- we can cut it all. 


Kiln Drying

We specialize in custom, small batch drying. We operate a 700cu/ft solar kiln which uses only the sun's energy to heat the lumber over 140 degrees.

This dries our lumber/slabs to 8% moisture while having zero emissions or pollution.


Kiln drying is an essential step in producing lumber and slabs which can be used for indoor furniture.

Why a solar kiln?

Besides the environmental benefit of having zero emissions, the daily heating and cooling cycle of a solar kiln produces a dried board (or slab) with far less tension built into it compared to a standard heated or dehumidification kiln.


This means lumber that has less checks and splits and slabs that are less likely to cup or twist once you've finished your project. 

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