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Magnetic Knife Block

Magnetic Knife Block


Wood Variety: Sassafrass

Length: 11.5"

Width: 3.75"


This innovative and truly beautiful knife block artistically showcases your fine cutlery unlike any other knife block. Being wall-mounted, it adds simplicity to your countertop. Its magnetic design provides cooks with a more hygienic way to store their knives. While traditional blocks store knives in slots, our knife blocks securely hold knives on its exterior on a beautiful live-edge backdrop. Different knives are easily identified, so you will reach for the correct blade for the specific task.


This magnetic knife block shows off the natural beauty of wood, while also showcasing your cutlery. Super-strong magnets securely hold knives flat against the block. Because there are no slots, you can store any configuration of knives, in any order you please.


Note: Hardware for wall-mounting included.

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